Volunteer Opportunities

Distress Centre Crisis Line

Distress Centre of Niagara provides a free, confidential telephone support service, utilizing highly skilled volunteers, to assist anyone in need in the Niagara Region. Volunteer crisis workers listen to callers’ concerns, assist callers with solving their own problems, provide information and referrals where appropriate and intervene in life threatening situations.

Mental Health and Addictions Access Line

The Mental Health and Addictions Access Line is the first point of access to
mental health and addiction services for adult residents of Niagara. Volunteers provide immediate support and explore services with the caller to find the most appropriate fit.  Once that is determined, a referral can be made. Additional training relative to the protocols established with the sixteen service partners within the network will be required before  starting on the Mental Health and Addictions Access Line. For more information about the Mental Health and Addictions Access Line, visit their website:  AccessLineNiagara.com

Ontario Online & Text Crisis Services (ONTX)

ONTX is a crisis and support service available to anyone in need across Ontario seven days a week between the hours of 2pm and 2am. Connection with this program is done by online chat or through text services. Volunteer responders provide written support, assist the chatter or texter with finding their own solutions and intervene in life threatening situations. Additional training relative to providing written support and service protocols is required before volunteering with this program.

Bingo Volunteer

As a representative of Distress Centre Niagara, a Bingo Volunteer would be expected to attend pre-scheduled gaming events at the local Gaming Centre.  While attending, the volunteer would be responsible for greeting and welcoming individuals and providing information about the agency should the patron ask.  The intention is create a fun, active and welcoming environment.  Other responsibilities include keeping the hall tidy and potentially calling back winning bingo cards.

Please  contact  (link to contact page) the Distress Centre Niagara for an additional volunteer informational package.

Benefits of Volunteering
• Helping others in your community who might otherwise feel alone
and isolated
• Gaining hands on experience for future careers
• Providing intervention in life threatening situations
• Gaining knowledge about mental health and addiction services in the
Niagara Region

To submit your completed Volunteer Application, please attach the PDF in an email to dcniagara@distresscentreniagara.com

As a Crisis Worker at Distress Centre Niagara I have a very special opportunity to reduce isolation, prevent suicide, and to empower those in our community to make positive changes in their lives.

Volunteer A.M.

Our phone lines allow the people of the Niagara Region a safe and comfortable space to reach someone in their times of need and a helping hand for those experiencing crisis.

Volunteer J.H.