24 hour telephone support in the Niagara Region.

For immediate help in the Niagara Region please call our 24 hour crisis line:

• St. Catharines, Niagara Falls And Area – 905-688-3711
• Port Colborne, Wainfleet and Area – 905-734-1212
• Fort Erie and Area – 905-382-0689
• Grimsby, West Lincoln – 905-563-6674

For residents outside of the Niagara Region, please view our Out of Region Services.

Mission Statement
Skilled Responders supporting the safety and emotional wellness of those in need.

Vision Statement
Responding to every person in need.

Core Values
Our organization strives on upholding and implementing these values to keep the respect and confidence of our community, volunteers and partnerships.

We respect the right to privacy as a consistent component of our services.

We provide person-centered services supporting and encouraging individuals to make healthy personal choices.

We lead the way with expertise in crisis, distress and suicide prevention through the highest standards of excellence and innovation.

We work with volunteers and partners across Niagara to provide support, awareness and training services to strengthen our community.

We treat everyone with dignity, respect and without judgment, valuing the diversity in our organization and community.

I’m feeling a little more in control now after talking with you. Thanks again for your time tonight. You are pretty good at this stuff. The direct questions are helpful to get stuff out and think it through. Not so painful and needing to avoid it now.


I thank you for listening. I ‘m going to say it again. You guys/girls are
really my lifeline at night.


You have done a nice job of bringing me back from the brink. I thank
you. I think I can stay safe now. I have my safety plan. Thank you for being there.