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Bingo Volunteer Application

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Personal Information

  • Questions about You

  • Not a requirement for a Bingo Volunteer
  • References

    Requirements: Can be personal or professional - no relation. Must have known applicant for a minimum of one year.
  • Please provide 3 references.

    Examples of appropriate references are employers (past & present), co-workers, teachers, supervisors from other volunteer work etc. (no family references please).

    **** Please ensure references you provide are aware we will be contacting them****

    To allow references the opportunity to reflect on responses to our questions about perspective volunteers we have developed a standard request form. This form will be mailed or sent via email to each of your references. Therefore, please ensure that you have provided either a mailing address or email for each of your references. Should your submission not include one or both of these items it will be returned to you for completion.
  • Reference 1

  • Reference 2

  • Reference 3

  • Follow-Up

  • The following questions would be helpful for you to consider before choosing to begin the process of volunteering with Distress Centre Niagara:

    • Are you aware that volunteers are not to put forth any personal, political or religious points of view to callers?
    • Are you willing to accept that callers will often have very different values and moral beliefs than your own?
    • To what extent will your commitment to meet our shift requirements interfere with your personal schedule?